On-Site Construction

Fire TS Laboratory's scope of services includes test specimen construction if requested. It is carried out by our team of experienced in-house personnel or by an approved external sub-contractor.

For an endorsed report, the components of the construction system shall be supplied in loose form as they are to be verified prior to the construction process and the installation into a test frame. The construction process is closely monitored and regulated by the internal procedure to ensure full compliance of the requirements to the relevant testing standard.
The laboratory has a stock of materials which are in constant demand. The laboratory can also procure additional materials required for construction upon request. If the required materials are not available locally, the laboratory can accept and store materials indoors on the premises.

Fire TS Laboratory's team provides the service of specimen construction in house which can include but not limited to: prefabricated walls, framed walls, masonry walls, concrete casting, painting and preparation of the specimens.

Framed & Prefabricated Wall

Our laboratory has a dedicated team of personnel who specialise in constructing walls and linings for both pilot and full-scale tests. Whether it's framed or prefabricated construction, we have the expertise to build it in-house.

In addition, we keep a substantial stock of materials that are necessary for this type of construction so that we can quickly respond to any urgent needs our clients may have. Our team is highly experienced and can build most types of framed or prefabricated wall systems, which is particularly important for clients located abroad, who may not have access to the same expertise or resources.
on-site construction

Installation of Penetrations

The laboratory's team provides a range of services related to penetrations installation, including: lining construction, core hole drilling for concrete substrate installs, installation of service supports, and firestopping materials.

We keep a substantial stock of concrete panels with thicknesses that are common for service penetrations and control joints tests.

Casting On-Site

Fire TS Laboratory can supply all materials and perform concrete casting for 4000mm X 3000mm concrete slab panels following Client's specifications. The laboratory offers ample floor space and in-house resources to complete a concrete pour. This includes, but is not limited to: boxing/framing, pouring, vibrating and screeding.

Moreover, our team can liaise with the concrete supplier to arrange for strength tests on the 7th and 28th days of the curing process, if needed.

Painting On-Site

When it comes to the painting, it's important to minimize any additional movement that could impact the quality of the applied coating. One way to achieve this is by applying a primer first, followed by the intumescent coating directly on-site where the test will be conducted.

The lab’s facilities are spacious enough to accommodate the application of intumescent coatings for both full-scale and pilot-scale test specimens. This ensures that it is applied under controlled conditions, which helps to achieve the best possible performance during the fire resistance test.

Custom Made Builds

The laboratory's team has a number of test enquiries for unique construction systems that require customised testing to meet the special needs of the project/industry.

We understand that there are construction systems that may require a tailored approach to testing. Our team is equipped to build custom-made construction designs on our laboratory floor using both our in-house resources or approved external subcontractors if necessary.