Interview with Alistair Bell

November 9, 2021
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Today’s guest of the Speak Up Blog is Alistair Bell. Alistair started NZ Fire and Compliance Ltd in 2005. His background in both fire-fighting and residential/commercial construction steered him into the passive fire protection industry which consequently became the core business for the NZ Fire team. Alistair and his team of passive fire installers completed the installation jobs on the major construction sites for the Tauranga DHB, Wintec in Hamilton, Liverpool Street Substation and Ports of Nelson Ethanol Tank Farm. Alistair is a registered IQP. He is currently trying to figure out how to retire gracefully .

  • 1:53 – 9:33 “Passive fire specifiers should have a practical experience on site…” It is not always installers’ fault but quite often the mistakes happen due to the unclear specifications and lack of guidance/briefing of the installers.

  • 9:45 – 13:13 How do you prepare the team for the work on site? If there is any internal process to get the installers well equipped for the work? What information do you normally require for that?

  • 13:31 – 20:21 “Passive fire didn’t exist in New Zealand in 2005” & “I’ll be probably crucified for saying that, but the industry needs to stop the plumbers and electricians to do the passive fire work”. How has the industry of passive fire progressed since you started your company in 2005 and where it is at present? And if possible could you elaborate on where it needs to go in the future?

  • 20:24 – 21:40 “If your employer doesn’t educate you find another one” Message to new generation of installers

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