Interview with Greg Hand

October 26, 2021
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During his long career Greg Hand, Director of Firestop Centre Ltd, has worked in a variety of the construction-related industries.

Greg established Firestop Centre 12 years ago. Firestop Centre is a distributor of the following passive fire protection brands: Trafalgar, ALLPROOF, Tenmat, Protecta, CSD and several products they sell under Firestop brand.

  • 1:59 – 7:07 Greg, Firestop Centre is a distributor of a wide range of the passive fire products. Could you please share how do you internally approve brands and products which you are planning to distribute in New Zealand once it comes to such a decision? What are the main aspects of your due diligence? Do you have any checklist for that?

  • 7:53-14:10 Greg, I believe as a distributor you are mostly engaged into the construction projects through passive fire installers  where they take the responsibility of installing your products and systems on site. Am I right? I’ve heard that the prevailing number of the problems in the passive fire protection is specifically around the installation. Could you please share your view on that and may be some suggestions why?

  • 14:39-18:17 How does the Firestop Centre team supports the installers, and make sure they do a good job on site while installing your products?


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