Interview with Biswadeep Ghosh

June 14, 2021
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In today’s episode of the Speak Up Blog we talk to Biswadeep Ghosh.

Biswadeep is a Fire & Life Safety Manager in WSP NZ.

His expertise includes facilitating fire engineering designs in accordance with the Acceptable Solutions and performance-based designs in New Zealand.

Deep has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree form Delhi University, India and a Master of Engineering (Fire) from University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

  • 1:34 – 5:15 - Q1: Deep, whether remediation projects in the existing buildings are something that WSP Opus Department of fire engineering often deal with? What are the main challenges with such projects in terms of fire rated systems?

  • 5:42 – 9:27 - Q2: Deep, I specifically asked you to watch our previous episode of the Speak Up blog where Shane Wyatt was elaborating on his remediation project of Christchurch Hospital. If we talk specifically about intumescent paint or to be specific about the systems being coated with this protective product, what are the pros and cons you see as a Fire Engineer?

  • 10:11 – 13:50 - Q3; Deep, I know you guys were considering intumescent paint for the Auckland City Mission project, but eventually opted for the boxing with the plasterboard. Could you please elaborate why?

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