Interview with Dr. Mark Taylor

May 24, 2021
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Who can help with the development of a new product/technology IP in New Zealand?

Today we are talking to the Director of NZ Product Accelerator Professor Mark Taylor.

The NZ Product Accelerator programme is designed to pull research and technology from institutions into high value manufacturing businesses in New Zealand.

Professor Mark Taylor is a Fellow of IChemE and has spent 30 years in technology and line management in metals, and high value manufacturing, working at the interface between research and application.

Among the discussion topics of this episode:

  • 2:09-6:54 What is “pool science” and how business can strive more and fail less in New Zealand (success story included)

  • 7:42-11:59 “National Testing Register”. How to improve a product/system and the importance of testing in the process

  • 12:24-16:48 Solving community problems

  • 17:21-20:12 How to approach NZ Product Accelerator for Help

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